Do You Know Independent E-Book Publishing Business ?

Do You Know Independent E-Book Publishing Business

When you mention online business today, most people immediately think of affiliate marketing, and the training courses that are advertised all over the internet. However, there are many more avenues in online business that an individual can follow and make a great deal of money doing so. Most of the niche sites are very well paying, and that’s because not everyone can do it. For example, independent e-book publishing has taken off recently, and for good reason.

In traditional book publishing, authors would submit manuscripts to publishing companies, and then they would sit around waiting for months for rejection letters to come back in the mail. It was quite a depressing affair. However, Jeff Bezos changed the industry with the first Kindle. Because of the Kindle platform, writers can now independently upload their e-book to the Amazon marketplace, and sell their own books without a publishing company to play the role of the middle man.

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While many people don’t have the skills to write works of fiction, a lot of people have recently found success in the non-fiction and self-help categories in independent publishing. It seems that no matter what your skill or trade may be, there is a market out there for a how to manual, or a guide for laymen. Of course, there is a huge market out there for fiction work as well, but you may need to have at least a base skill set in writing fiction works before you would be able to sell very many e-book copies.

There are e-book authors who independently publish their books who state that they’re making tens of thousands of dollars monthly from their e-book sales. That isn’t going to happen for every independent publisher, but it happens frequently enough that people have started to sit up and pay attention to the world of independent e-book publishing. The best part about publishing your e-book is that it takes basically zero money to get started, and you could start seeing sales revenue in as little as seven days on a well written e-book.

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If you want to ensure that the sale of your e-book will go smoothly, you may want to consider doing a couple of things, none of which should run you over $100,00 each as an initial investment. You can hire a professional editor to ensure that you are releasing a quality and grammatically sound e-book to the public. You can also hire someone to do the marketing of your e-book for you, so that you begin to immediately have sales, and don’t have to sit around for months e-mailing your friends and family to pick up a copy of your e-book. In addition, you can pay for a professional cover to be made for your e-book, so that it will stand out from the rest of the independently published books, and look as though it was written by a professional. Of course, none of these are necessary if you have the skills to do all of these things yourself.

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