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GST on Google AdSense Income / YouTube Earnings ?

GST on Google Adsense Income YouTube Income
GST on YouTube Income
Do We Pay GST on Google AdSense or YouTube Income? Hello Guys, This is Yuvraj and I am going share my experience on GST for Google AdSense and YouTube Income.

I Earn Money from Google AdSense for My Blog Website & YouTube Channel, I Earn Approx. RS:20k TO RS:30k per Month, But eventually last year my earning reach Rs20 Lakh.

and I know that we need to take GST Registration if Our google AdSense or YouTube Income Reach 20 Lakh.

I Watched Videos on YouTube, Read blogs Related GST on AdSense. and what, I got Confused Because every blogs tells different story on GST for Google AdSense & YouTube Income.

So I Just Go to Nearest Local CA, and clear my all doubt Regarding GST for  AdSense.

Our Local CA Tells me that “Google AdSense” Nature of Income is Export of Service & Income from Export of Service not require GST if  total Turn Over below 20 lakhs per year.

If Your Income Reach 20 Lakh from Google AdSense Or YouTube Income, Then You Have two Options, First one is Take LUT & Second Once Pay GST & Then Take Rebate.

My Local CA Advice me that it’s Better to Take LUT & He Charge me for RS: 10000 to get me LUT. I Just Need to Send him All Necessary Docs to Get LUT, That’s ALL

Make Sure You receive money in foreign currency ( USD, Euro ECT ), means Google AdSense Send you money in Foreign Currency. so How Do You Know That they send money in foreign currency.

As of Right Now IF You go to your Payment Settings Page & go to Transection Page and then select payments.

then Google AdSense Show you the Payments which they sent to your bank account. once you click on it, it will show you, where’s your payment come from.

If It Show you that Your Payment come from “Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd Singapore” & It’s Send You Dollars or Any Foreign Currency.

Then It’s Clear That You Are receive payment in Foreign Currency. check below image.
Google AdSense Payments Proof

So If Your G  AdSense Earnings or YouTube Income Below RS: 20 Lakh then You Don’t Need GST Registration.
but If Your Income From Google AdSense Reach RS: 20 Lakh then You Have to Get GST Registration.

As My Opinion, If Your Income Reach RS: 20 Lakh then simply contact your nearest CA & they will help you. if your income below threshold limit under GST then don’t worry.

Hope this Post help you to understand Well, If You Have Any Question then Please Comment Below

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  1. Bro…does a no voiceover tutorial YouTube channel get monetized?? And from when did you start to earn heavy revenue from YouTube?? (Like you mentioned 20 lakhs/year)…and lastly from which platform you generate more revenue- YouTube or website..?? Pls reply…thnks

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